Vocal for Local

Vocal for Local

Vocal for Local has become the trend to emerge during the COVID-19 pandemic. But the ideas behind this movement are not new. It has its roots in the Swadeshi movement, which gained popularity during the Indian struggle for independence in 1905. Developed and promoted by Mahatma Gandhi and other great freedom fighters, Swadeshi was devised as a way to absorb nationalism and the pride of nationalism among all Indians.

If the corona pandemic has taught us something, it means we must ensure that we can meet the needs of our own products with our domestic production. It should have always been like this, but certain events in history robbed us of it. So we have to help those who can't support themselves without selling their skillfully made thankful art. Now that we are struggling to maintain liquidity and regular cash flow, Voice for a Local Movement can also be seen as a driving force to stimulate demand and to survive, to deliver effective results during the pandemic.

We provide a lifeline for small and limited domestic industries. The idea is to encourage local industry and consume as locally as possible. This will allow the long-term impact of increased demand to be used to develop and gradually become self-sufficient in the domestic industry. This will help expand production and ultimately make India the world's manufacturing hub.

We play our part by being aware and initiating policies that support the above mentioned cause with all its potential. Incorporating as many local artisans as we can accommodate, to appreciate their art and provide them with incentives that make a difference in the Aatmanirbhar Movement!  


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