Support Make In India

Support Make In India

Pottery is the most expressive of all art. Pottery is one of the important media for men to express their feelings. Pottery has been one of the most beautiful forms of expression for thousands of years. Pottery has a visual message in its shape and color. India has a wonderful tradition of pottery. As a farmland, pots for storing water and grains were sought. Ceramic and pottery are often functional and decorative, while ceramic and studio pottery belong to the realm of art.

The Make in India campaign started 3 years ago, which aims to make India a manufacturing hub in the world and challenge China's dominant position in the manufacturing industry. Simply put, companies will come to India not only to sell their products here, but also to manufacture them. This creates jobs for people and boosts economic growth. The Indian workforce is best educated in traditional trade such as handicrafts, textiles and agriculture. Rather, India's shift to traditional trade could potentially create 10 million jobs annually.

‘Make in India’ – our motto supports our local Indian artisans and talented individuals who possess wonderful craftsmanship but are underrated and underpaid; this is one more cause we root for from the purest of our ambition. Curated with exemplary quality material driven to offer handcrafted & local pottery products to support the livelihood of millions!

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We're committed to supporting local artisans and talented individuals who possess wonderful craftsmanship. We believe in paying fair wages and using quality materials to offer our customers handcrafted and local pottery products. Thank you for your feedback and suggestions. We love hearing from our customers!